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Power Surge: A Conduit for Enlightened Leadership shows how to use Polarity Thinking through a real-life tale about a crisis situation in which a group of leaders botch their responsibilities because they can’t see their strengths turning into weaknesses. Through their tale, we watch seemingly “well-intentioned” people caught in a downward spiral. The characters fail because they lack an awareness needed to supplement their personal leadership beliefs with something very different, yet complementary.

Author, Margaret Seidler shines a light on the motivational values of these characters, and demonstrates the potential that is unleashed when a leader identifies, incorporates, and balances a very different, yet needed value over time.

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  • Reader Reviews

    Margaret’s presentation and book, Power Surge, a Conduit for Enlightened Leadership,  can be life changing if you apply the concepts she teaches. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I advise that you catch it.
    Kevin B. England, Mayor, City of Chubbuck, Idaho
    Are you satisfied with having to choose between focusing on either leveraging strengths or improving weaknesses?  Don’t worry.  It is a false choice. In Power Surge, A Conduit for Enlightened Leadership, Margaret Seidler introduces the concept of ‘interdependent values.’ Read on and find out how to “have your cake and eat it too…”
    Robert "Jake" Jacobs, author of Real Time Strategic Change and You Don't Have to Do It Alone, Marina del Ray, CA
    This book will transform thinking on all levels.  Polarity Management has led to many “A-HA” moments throughout my organization, as it directs you and take action through a completely different lens-one based on balance and different views.  I’ve see it positively change relationships, enhance teamwork, and create dynamic results.
    Laura Varn, Vice President of Human Resources, Santee Cooper, Moncks Corner, SC
    In Power Surge, A Conduit for Enlightened Leadership, Margaret Seidler distills her substantial consulting experience into a package that is compelling and immediately useful.  She uses a realistic story to motivate the reader and explain her approach, and then presents a workbook to empower the reader to apply the approach to better understand themselves as a leader.
    Tony Simons, author of Integrity Dividend and Associate Professor of Management, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    This is a paradigm-buster! It’s a ‘biggie’ among what I’ve learned in business over the last three decades. By managing polarities, I’ve taken my organization to a level of success I never thought I could achieve.
    Nick Gavalas (Ret.) , General Agent, MassMutual Financial Group, The South Carolina Agency, Mt Pleasant, SC
    A compelling and incisive look at how leaders can make a huge difference in their organization and in their own lives. Polarity Mapping© is one of the most powerful tools I’ve found for leaders to address complex issues encountered during a large-scale change effort. Margaret Seidler’s Power Surge makes this important method accessible to all through an artful blend of stories, visual tools, practical examples, and personal coaching tips… Beware: you’ll never look at a complex organizational issue quite the same after reading this book.
    Tom Devane, author of Integrating Lean Six Sigma and High-Performance Organizations, and co-author of The Change Handbook
    This book is a very important piece of work. I’ve read it cover to cover and it is a great tool for an individual, a team, and for leadership development.
    Kathy Anderson, Polarity Master and director, Dakota County, MN
    Although this book is a fairly easy read, and the concepts are pretty easy to grasp, the thoughts are very significant……………With our new president representing a philosophy of “both/and”, this book offers insights into how and why this works, as well as simple mechanisms to increase this in my own life…………It is indeed a good way to view the world, and our own relationship to it, to others, as well as to our selves. I highly recommend taking some time to do the exercises recommended and you may begin to see the world and relationships in a slightly different way.and to view differences as a little easier to grasp , a little easier to tolerate, and a little easier to maintain relationships with……….
    Brenda Rosenthal, Carolina One Real Estate, Isle of Palms, SC
    Power Surge, A Conduit for Enlightened Leadership has helped our organization. By enlisting the use of polarity mapping we have increased cooperation in our teams and given the leadership a valuable tool.
    Mariana Hay, owner, Croghan's Jewel Box, Charleston, SC
    If you are interested in finding new ways to resolve unsolvable tensions at work, or in your personal life, Power Surge, A Conduit for Enlightened Leadership is a must-have. For example, do you want to find a way to build a work culture that values both freedom and responsibility? Or maybe you need to reflect on how you might nurture confidence and humility in yourself, or within your work group? This book shows you how to balance such seemingly contradictory values and will help you see things in new ways. Those insights can transform your practice.
    Jennifer Holladay, former director, Teaching Tolerance, Southern Poverty Law Center, Denver, CO